Sunday, 31 July 2011


Seoul's most unique series, The Round Robin, hosted by concert-impresarios and art collective Super Color Super, comes to Gwangju.

✕✕✕ CONCEPT ✕✕✕✕

- All the bands set up at the same time along the perimeter of the room with the audience in the center
- Each band does one song at a time, no breaks, back to back to back etc, until the show is completed
- There is no headliner or opener, no front row or back of the room

- 모든 밴드가 같은 시각에 공연장 중심에 관객들 주변으로 설치됩니다.
- 각 밴드가 공연이 끝날때까지 쉬지않고 돌아가면서 연주를 합니다.
- 관람석 앞 뒤가 구분되지 않아 자유롭게 공연을 즐길 수 있습니다.

6 PAs cabinets, 14amps, 3drums sets, dozens of eyes, and hundreds of ears!

✕✕✕ LINE UP ✕✕✕✕
♫ Wagwak (Indie folk rock,Seoul)
♬ Pika (Electronica, Seoul)
♪ Quarkpop (Breakbeat/IDM, Seoul)
♩ Harp (Rock, Gwangju)
♭Biscat (indie punk, Gwangju)

✕✕✕ VENUE ✕✕✕✕
Saturday August 13th,

✕✕✕ TICKETS ✕✕✕✕
For Tickets, wire money to : Shin Han Bank 100-026-821308
Acct name: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼)
After wiring, send an email to with:
1. your name 2. number of tickets 3. mobile no.

티켓 예매: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼) / 신한 100-026-821308
입금 후 으로:
1. 이름 2. 연락처 3. 티켓 구매 수와 금액에 대한 정보를 보내주십 시오.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Super Sketch 'SCS 2nd Anniversary'

∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆¡§UPER §KETCH!∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

July 9, 2011

¡수퍼스케치! 2011년 7월 9일

The ¡SUPER SKETCH! series is a hookup between artists and musicians organized by SUPER C۞L۞R SUPER. Every event brings the artists, the bands, the audience and the party together through the prism of a special concept or theme.

Super Sketch is a live platter of drawing, art, shadow theater, and psychedelic visuals performed on vintage overhead projectors.
The hands-on and analog projector art performances range from transparent puppetry to watercolor compositions displayed through classic classroom overhead projectors. Art runs throughout the night on multiple overhead hanging screens, in time with live music.

∆∆∆∆∆@ THEÂTRE Ø∆∆∆∆∆

8PM-3AM, 16,000W Pre-sale, 20,000W Door
(5,000W Art Market Credit with Ticket)

Aidan Cowling / Amarisse Sullivan / HyeJin Seo 서혜진 / Jazoo Yang / Jonna Pedersen / unk House / Koal Jang / Yunkyung Kam / 감윤경 / Nic Rocco / Patrick Rempel / Patty Hogan / Phyohico / Sarah Mccauley / Sean Patrick Maylone / Seulki Lee / Una Yeyo / Vakki Park, WIlfred Lee / Gyutae Jung정규태 / Byunyea Im 변예임


Trampauline / wagwak / (((10))) / On Sparrow Hills / Vidulgi ooyoo

Tickets & More Info Coming Soon!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WAGWAK in Busan!!! 28/5/2011

Busan is South Korea's (not North Korea) second largest metropolis after Seoul.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Last weekend at Round Robin. Daehyun's guitar got burnt!!! ah!!!